Budget Calendar





Budget outlook paper received by Budget Policy Committee (BPC) for review

Provides information and analysis of Somaliland’s Economic Outlook and Major National Issues.

15th May

Expenditure Priorities

Government Expenditure Priorities selected by BPC in line with NDP2 (NDP2/Manifesto outcomes).

30th May

Macroeconomic and Fiscal Framework (MFF)

Estimate of total government revenue and expenditure for the coming three years, Macroeconomic policy and forecast of macroeconomic Variables (2.1, 4.1, 4.2).

Budget Framework (BF)

Recurrent expenditure ceiling for the coming year (Sections 1.1, 1.2, 4.3).

MFF and BF submitted to Cabinet and HoR by the Minister of Finance

Minister of finance submits Macroeconomic and fiscal Framework and Budget framework to Cabinet and HoR for review (Section 5.3).

30th June


Budget Circular and Guidelines

Statement of government priorities, economic situation and new budget process circulated to all MDAs by the Minister of Finance (Section 4.6).

31st July

HoR feedback

Budget Recommendations sent to the minister based on Review of MFF and BF (Section 6.4).

15th August

Budget Submission

Each public body states the amount of funding they request with sectoral limits and details of the policy they plan to implement with public funds (Section 5.1).

31st August

Budget Negotiations between MDAs and MoF

Expenditure estimates in MTBF are used to guide negotiations with MDAs.

1st September

Minister submits Annual Budget to the Council of Ministers

Council of Ministers debates and votes to approve the Budget.

29th September

The Budget (Finance Bill)

The Minister of Finance submits expenditure Votes for approval by House of Representatives and presents an update on the Somaliland Economy (7.1 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5).

1st October