IRD Head Office – Registration and large taxpayers

Office Location Phone Email
Registration Office Inland Revenue Department
Sha’ab area A, Hargeisa
Returns Processing Office 518253


Hargeisa District Offices

Office Location Phone
26 June Next to 26 June Local Government Office 514871
Ga’can Libaax Near to Gacan Libaax Local Government Office 514824
Ahmed Dhagax Near to Ahmed Dhagax Local Government Office 525560
Ibrahim Koodbuur At the Ibrahim Koodbuur Local Government Office 527818
Mohamed Haybe Beside the high school M. A. Ali (North side of the school) 526370


Regional Offices outside Hargeisa


Office Location


Awdal Borama Near to Harrawo Hotel  
Sahil Berbera Opposite nec fish  
Togdheer Burco Opposite Somaliland Bank  
Sanaag Ceerigaabo Beside Somaliland Bank  
Sool Laas Canood Near to Hamdi Hotel